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Unusual PeopleSoft grid behaviour !

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Dear Reader
we are experiencing some unusual behaviour on one of our customised - non vanilla CS class roster pages. The Page features a grid of student names and check boxes. The order fields in the grid start with the the checkbox we called "Notify" followed by emplid, names.. etc. up the last column Course.
For one specific academic user we are seeing the first column "notify" appearing at position one and being repeating after Course ie the new last position.
Grid Layout
notify - Emplid - name -....... - Course - notify(again).

Also the checkbox is not recording the checked or uncheck value - ie Y or N.

We've established the issue is replicatable in dev and test environment and is not browser specific. Tracing reveals no indications as to whats happening. We're tried most things but come up blank.

Any suggestions?

In advance - Thanks

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Re: Unusual PeopleSoft grid behaviour !

You said “One Specific academic user”. Is that the user logging in online to view that page? Or is that a user coming up in the grid result page? If it’s the user accessing the page, how is that user different from other users accessing the same page?

1st thing I would do is look at the page and grid in application designer. Is there more than one notify field on the grid? It is a very bizarre behavior but what I would do is delete the grid from the page, save and re-build it again.

I would be very interested to hear back from you on the cause of the issue when you figure it out, which I’m sure you will sooner or later.

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Re: Unusual PeopleSoft grid behaviour !

Did you ever resolve this issue. I have the same issue with one of my custom grids. If I try to add one more field to the body of the grid it does not add that new field, but does repeat the first column. I have experimented with grid size and properties to no avail. I had the problem before and deleted the grid and rebuilt it. I don't want to rebuild my grids everytime this happens. If you have resolved this or figured out the reason why, I would like to know.


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Re: Unusual PeopleSoft grid behaviour !

Delete from PSUSEROBJTYPE table.
This issue is reported by Peoplesoft, search for NOTE 659638.1

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Re: Unusual PeopleSoft grid behaviour !

Or, via 3-tier, try reseting/deleting the current customization setup via the customize button on the grid...