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Troubleshooting IB messages

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Pardon me if i'm asking a very basic question but I do not have any experience in IB.

I just wanted to know what are all the basic steps in trouble shooting IB.

Here is the scenario: I have done a personal data change in HR8.9 and is successfully published (PERSON_BASIC_SYNC) but the same is not subscribed in CRM. I have checked all the configurations and it looks fine. Can anyone throw some light on this please?



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Re: Troubleshooting IB messages

Hi Ashar,

Kindly try the below methods to troubleshoot the problem.

1) Check the node status in CRM side..It should be active..

2) Check which are the other message sharing the same message channel that you are using for the above mentioned message.Those messages should be in success posted status in message monitor.

3)Check the local gateway and versioning of the message.

Good Luck!


Warm Regards,

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Re: Troubleshooting IB messages

Thanks Piyali for the reply. Its been long time I have seen u here..

I have checked the nodes and its active. msgs are published successfully in HCM but it just disappeared after that.. im clueless on this.. i know there are some problem with versioning in our environments.. it is supposed to be Version 3 but is set to v2 (i'm not sure why it is set so..).. it works in production with the same configuration so should work in our test environment as well right?

Anyway, i think i need to bang my head on it again :(


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