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Translate value

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I am new to peoplesoft.I have a requirement where the drop down values description should be different for different roles for the same page.

Thanks for your suggestion

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Re: Translate value

Look for AddDropDownListItem or similar function in peoplebooks.

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Re: Translate value


Dynamic Prompt will be helpfull to solve this.

1) Create two views ,example:view 1 fetches A,B.view 2 fetches C,D,E
2)Create a Propmt field at record level and set the prompt field as %RECNAME_EDIT
3)In the component prebuild write a query to fetch the appropraite views based on roles assigned for an EE.
example:If EE having manager role assign view 1,if EE having Admin role assign view 2.

sample code:

Below code is to assign approprite view to prompt field based on the Role:
if role=manager then
&rec = GetLevel0()(1).GetRecord(Record."Record which has Prompt field");
&rec.setedittable("%RECNAME_EDIT", @("RECORD." | "view1"));
&rec = GetLevel0()(1).GetRecord(Record."Record which has Prompt field");
&rec.setedittable("%RECNAME_EDIT", @("RECORD." | "view2"));

similarly assign the view based on the roles.