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transferring data from one bolt on table to deleiverd table using COMPONENT INTERFACE

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hi all,
i am in to an complex situation,
probelm 1: i have created an bolt on page to get the details of an vendor in 9.1 PIA("as i dont want delieverd vendor page") all the data which are being entered in to this page is saved in an bolt on record cloned from an delieverd(as i need approval to enter the data directly in to delieverd table so i use an cloned table).now i want to transfer this data which are saved in bolt on cloned record to deleivered main table,how can i do it,by using CI or SQR, please help me with guidance,i prefer CI and i find VNDR_ID as a CI in which i need to do modififcation kindly help me if anyone of u did this before if possible with code.thanks

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Re: transferring data from one bolt on table to deleiverd ...