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state record

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All we know that state record can store only one row ,but can anybody tell me why?i.e, why we cann't store more than one row in state record.

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Re: state record

Because normally state record are keyed by Process Instance (Single key) so while running AE we can not have two Process instance for a single user that's why it have single row and it also designed like that

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Re: state record

simrose is right, one row per user/process instance. So practically, a state record can have more than one row but for different process instance. Think about a state record fields as a "variable" in any other programing language, even in peoplecode. Each variable can store one and only one value. For example if on line 5 in your program you have &name = my_name; and then on line 25 you have &name = your_name; then you end up with only one value and that is &name = your_name.

More info on application state record @ this forum topic

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