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SQR in Report mode and Process Mode

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Hello ,

I have to write a SQR in such a way that it needs to execut either in report mode or in process mode. I have to put a process flag on runcontrol page to choose the mode. If it is Process Mode it just needs to insert a row in JOB, BAS_ACTIVITY table based on some logic. If it is report mode it needs to generate CSV file. Please let me know is there any delivered sqr to look into or guide me how to achieve this task.
Thanks in Advance!

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Re: SQR in Report mode and Process Mode

There are several ways you can accomplish this.

First of all you probably want the "Process Mode" checkbox value on the run control page to always initiate to off (Page Activate PeopleCode).

Next a couple of your options are lisited:

Use an if statement to see if this should insert or write file

example A:

if $process_mode = 'Y' then
insert into ps_xxxxxxx
write file

Or (my preference) always write the file - maybe including the process_mode value. Go ahead and execute the insert but before the process actually ends execute a rollback as the last statement in the program.

Example B: rough - but I think you can see the logic

do Get-Run-Control-Parameters ! to get $process_mode checkbox value
do Write-File
do Insert-Values
if $process_mode = 'N' then