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SQR NEW-REPORT and the internal page counter reset

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I have an SQR program that produces 2 reports, which I would like to use NEW-REPORT to dynamically name the output. The output is generated for each report simultaneously, meaning I have to write to each report with each record in the query. I don't write one report, finish it, then write the second.

I've read elsewhere that NEW-REPORT will reset the internal page counter on the reports when executed. I think this is why my output is only giving me one record, as opposed to my sample of 3.

Does anyone know how to suppress this internal page counter with NEW-REPORT, or dynamically name output without NEW-REPORT?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SQR NEW-REPORT and the internal page counter reset

Would be helpful to analyse if you could provide the code.Thanks in advance.

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Re: SQR NEW-REPORT and the internal page counter reset

Pls provide the code so that I can analyse it.

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