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sqr lpad(),rpad() issue

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Hi All,
Can any one clarify on the below issue
For ex:
Let $str='123wwee'
Let $str1=lpad($str1,4,'0')
show 'String=' $str1
When i execute the above code it is displaying the string value '123wee' with out any changes
but as per the above code it should pad the 0's up to 4 and Final string it should display like
But it is not working as desired
Can any one clarify on this.

Thanks in advance

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Re: sqr lpad(),rpad() issue

This is happening because the second argument of lpad or rpad specifies length of final string. Here second argument is 4 which is less than the length of $str1. if you want the output as '0000123wwee' than please specify the second argument as 11