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SQR help

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Hi ,
Can anybody pls tell me what's the difference between Let & Move in SQR ?


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Re: SQR help

With an example pls .

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Re: SQR help

LET helps you to have expressions like LET num = num +2;
While MOVE overrides the value.


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Re: SQR help

Thanks Nitin.

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Re: SQR help

This question has been asked before - see the answer here

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sweety (not verified)
Re: SQR help

Both Let and Move are Assignment statements.
But the move command is used to copy data from one storage location to another.An edit mask may be used.This command is used only for assignment , no experssions can be formed.

let command is used to assign the value of a literal or variable, or the results of an expression, to a user-defined variable.An expression may be formed as a combination of operands, operators, and functions.

The move command is more efficient that the let command for assignment statements.