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Can anybody help me understand the SQLExec () Function with an example ? Whay & where it's used ?

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SQLExec is used to execute SQL statement from PeopleCode.

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One thing to keep in mind is that SQLExec can only Select a single row of data. If your SQL statement (or your SQL.sqlname statement) retrieves more than one row of data, SQLExec sends only the first row to its output variables. Any subsequent rows are discarded.

And an example of an SQLExec would be:

SQLExec("Select sum(posted_total_amt) from PS_LEDGER where deptid = :1", DEPTID, &SUM);

you pass in deptid to replace the :1 and &SUM is where your SQL return value will get stored. Read more about SQLExec function in Peoplebooks. There are lots of info there.

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SQLExec can only Select a single row of data but update/insert any number of rows.

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The main functionality /usage is when a user want to update thru SQL statements something which is not available in Buffer .