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Settings for ftp

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Can anyone tell me where i will have to setup ftp settings ,becausewhenever i upload a file it is giving this error
"AddAttachment failed:Cannot locate destination system for ftp" ,eventhough my file server is running mode.

Any sugestions. . . .


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Re: Settings for ftp

It looks like there is something wrong with the destination you are putting the file at. Does the directory exist on the unix server?

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Re: Settings for ftp

It's not related to the Unix Server ,we r using windows NT server.

help me.


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Re: Settings for ftp

Have you updated the FTP site correctly on the URL definition (ftp://userid:password@machinename/)?

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Re: Settings for ftp

can u please explain how to update the FTP site on the URL defination

where we have to mention this.