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Selecting only the rows in grid which is currently displayed the the user

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Hello Everyone,

In my grid the occurance level is 10, totally I have 100 rows , I want to select only the rows displayed in the page currently.

For example: 1 to 10 if the user in page1 here 1-10 should be selected.If the user click the next button and he is in page 4 (41-50),If he clicks the button i want to select only 41 to 50

It is simple whatever he can see currently in the page, I need to select them all

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Re: Selecting only the rows in grid which is currently ...

I have wrote a blog post a while back to select rows on a grid. you can find it here

To be honest though, I have not tested if it selects all rows (in your example, from 1 to 100) or if it selects only rows showing on the page. I'm guessing it will select all. Can you test it and report back?

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Re: Selecting only the rows in grid which is currently ...

Hello Lepa,

I tested this one. it selects all rows in the grid. it is not selecting whatever we see ín current page.

could you please help.. wat will happen if user selects view hunderd..

Can we rerive the rownumber in grid, whatever displayed in screen?


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Re: Selecting only the rows in grid which is currently ...

This is somewhat similar to what we called chunking.
The number of rows dispalyed in a grid is controlled by occur count.
So you can use that property and select only those numbers of rows alongwith using currentrownumber().
This is required when you are displaying row 10-20.
Currentrownumber will retrun you 10 and occurcount 10 .. then start from 10 and select 1 rows.

Just an idea....