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Search Criteria Operators

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Hi All,

I have a component Search page. In this search page,
1) How can I identify the operator I select in the criteria. Or how can we limit the set of operators to '=' alone? [I used SetSearchEdit but it reduces the set of operators to '=' and IN.]

2) 'IN' operator is behaving in an indifferent way such that a comma separated list when read in SearchSave gives the last entry in the comma separated list.
Suppose, for SITE_ID i entered comma separated list as, 1000,2000,3000 and the operator selected is IN. But when I use a WinMessage in the SearchSave to see the values of this SITE_ID , I am getting only the last entry -- 3000.

This is urgent. So Pls be kind enough to tell me how can I extract each of these values.

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Re: Search Criteria Operators

I do not know Peoplecode, but if it works like some other languages, the list of values is treated as a sort of array, and you have to get each one out. In VB, for example, you can use the "split" function to put the values into string, which you can then look at easily. So SPLIT(SITE_ID) would be "1000,2000,3000".