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Schedule Application Engine

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Can we schedule application engine thru peoplecode if yes could you plz share the code.


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Re: Schedule Application Engine

Yes we can.. Here is the example from PeopleBooks for Process Request Class.

Local ProcessRequest &RQST;

/* Create the ProcessRequest Object */
&RQST = CreateProcessRequest();

/* Set all the Required Properties */
&RQST.RunControlID = &sRunCntlId;
&RQST.ProcessType = &sProcessType;
&RQST.ProcessName = &sProcessName;

/* Set any Optional Properties for this Process */
&RQST.RunLocation = &sRunLocation;
&RQST.RunDateTime = &dttmRunDateTime;
&RQST.TimeZone = &sTimeZone;
&RQST.PortalFolder = &sPortalFolder;
&RQST.RunRecurrence = &sRecurrence;
&RQST.OutDestType = &sOutDestType;
&RQST.OutDestFormat = &sOutDestFormat;
&RQST.OutDest = &sOutputDirectory;
&RQST.EmailAttachLog = &bEmailAttachLog;
&RQST.EmailWebReport = &bEmailWebReport;
&RQST.EmailSubject = &sEmailSubject;
&RQST.EmailText = &sEmailText;

/* Schedule the Process */

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Re: Schedule Application Engine

Thanks for the helping out Asher, I'm glad you are still on the site. I have been busy for so long I'm running behind on keeping the blog updated with new posts :(

ermayank, you can also look at the below post to use a delivered function. That however will NOT run the AE in process schedulare.

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