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Saving records

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Hi - I am relatively new to PeopleSoft / PeopleCode but have an extensive background in other systems.

I am building a bolt-on module to our PeopleSoft system that will handle Car Allowance claims.

The page I am currently having issues with has a grid where employees will enter their claim details. They will be allowed to enter the months details whenever. Entering a few details, saving (using a 'SAVE' button), then coming back a day or so later and entering more, etc. These details are saved to a 'CA_Details' table.

To describe the page:
across the top: EMPLID - MONTH - YEAR

bottom of page:
KMs at rate A ____ X RateA = amntA
KMs at rate B ____ X RateB = amntB
Kms at rate C ____ X RateC = amntC
total amnt = amntA + amntB + amntC


When they are totally done entering details they will hit the 'SUBMIT' button which will save the remaining details to the CA_Details table, as well as submitting the final calculated numbers to the CA_Claim table.

Problem is that I've no idea how to accomplish this.

In short - Help!!

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Re: Saving records

you have to write the login on Buttons on what action to perform.
Page design seems to be simple