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Sample outbound sqr

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Does any one have sqr to write the data into a file with batch, header, detail info
010 batch
020 header
030 detailed

Thanks in Advance

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vijay (not verified)
outbound sqr

Outbound interface requirement:
• Only USA region should be made eligible-----
• Employees on long-term transfer are not eligible
• Employees on short-term transfer to Outside USA are ELIGIBLE
• Contractors and Retirees do not form part of this listing------
• Employees who have completed 6 months of service are only eligible
• Employees who have resigned and data keyed in already do not form part of this listing(notice period)
• Employees who will have late terminations/layoffs keyed into the system should as well be automated to reflect the CMS system on a daily basis
• Employees resigning/relieving from services in the next 6 months from Merit date are not eligible
• File Layout is text separated in semi-colon with line feeds
o Employee ID
o Region
o Business Unit
o Name
o Date of Birth
o Gender
o Service Date
o Grade
o Sal Admin Plan
o Comprate
o Total Gross Salary
o Last Promotion Date
o Position Details (Position No., Company, Dept, Location, Job code)
o Review Rating
o HR Status
o Employee Status
o Latest Effective Dated Action and its associated Reason