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Restatable AE program

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I built a restartable AE program. This program reads the data from delivered psft tables and writes into flat files using file layout. The data is read from tables and inserted into temp tables using insert and select (set processing) and then from temp tables it is written into a flat file. Select-insert is done by one step with action SQL and writing flat-file is done by the next step with action peoplecode. Likewise there are many steps and combination of one SQL and peoplecode creates a flat-file.

The problem is when AE aborts at some step and goes to no success in case of data error, and after correcting the data when i restart it doesnt create output flat files but does insert the data into temp tables and goes to success.

Pls help me out.


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Re: Restatable AE program

I'm guessing this has to do with the way you are opening the file in your peoplecode section. What is the code that you have?

I would actually just disable the App Engine's Restart property. I don't think you need it in such a program. This way, you need to re-run the program after it fails instead of restarting it.

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Re: Restatable AE program

Ya i agree with Lepa.. You ve to open the file in append mode, to append the data when u r restarting it so that the data will be appended to the exitsting file.