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Related Language Table Updates throgh Component Interface

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Hi All,

Can anbody advice me on the Below Issue
We have created a Custom Table(Z_JOB_JR_LANG) related Language table and assigned to the Record (JOB_JR)Property related Language record.
We have some forms And e Calling CI_JOB_DATA Component Interfcae on Button.Fieldchange..My requirement is to Update the Values of Work record Fields Like(Language_cd,business_title) to the Related Langugae table Table(Z_JOB_JR_LANG) through CI.

When ever I click Submit button ,CI peoplecode is Firing and inserting previous row valelataue to the new row in the Related language table.

Is there any property is there for Component Interface to Update related language values ?

Its an Urgen requirement,Can anybody help me on this to Move forward

Thanks in Advance,