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Reading file data from a record in peoplesoft app engine

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I am looking to read the data from a file on the PeopleSoft record.

Actually my requirement is to upload a file on the run control page to a record using (Record:\\REC_NAME(contains only the subrecord FILE_ATTDET_SBR) as the URL defn) and then read the file from this record. Is there a way out to read the data present within the file stored on the database record. I am tryng to read the data from this file and insert it to a record using a File layout.

Please let me know your thoughts or any other way aroound for this.


Vamsi Krishna

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Re: Reading file data from a record in peoplesoft app engine

But we can straight away can read the file from the location instead of reading the file into record and then reading again from the DB. How ever if you wanna do so try the below steps and let me know

Step 1: Get the file from the record using the get attachment fucntion . This will again bring back the file to a temporary location.

Step 2: From the temp location again read the file.

We can not read the file content directly from the record if the file is uploaded to a record as attachment. Let us know if you found any other way around to do this.