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Reading data from .CSV File using SQR

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Hi All,
I have the below requiremnet to add DESCRLONG column to the Input File(CSV) to load data from SQR to Job code Table,but there could be special character (Comma) ‘,’ in the DESCRLONG Column, So when I am trying to read data from CSV,it is treating ‘,’ (comma) in DESCR LONG Column as delimiter and remaining part after the Comma is getting assigned to the Next column.

I tried many ways to read the DESCRLONG column as single but unable to fix the Issue.

In File layout(People tools) ,there is option for the Field to Format for the above issue like where we can specify Delimiter (Double quotes) if a field value contains comma, I tried this way also but in SQR it is not working .

With the below code in the SQR, when it encounters ‘,’ in the Input file, it is treating as separate column

unstring $Record by ',' into $Add-Chg-Ind $Setid $Jobcode $Effdt $Status $Descr $Descrshort $Job_Function $Descrlon.
Cany anybody suggest on this?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Reading data from .CSV File using SQR

You will have a problem if your $descrlon data in the file are not placed between double quotes. You must have that to be able to read it as one field otherwise there is nothing that tells the program to treat it as one field.

Is the string in double quotes and you are still having a problem?

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