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Read Blackberry responses in PeopleSoft using MCF_GETMAIL node

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Hi All,

I am able to configure MCF_GETMAIL node with all the details. (Server,email user ID,Password,Protocol,port# etc..).

When I am testing it on to PeopleTools > MultiChannel Framework > Email > Sample Pages with all the details I am getting an error.

Cannot connect to mail server.

I have tried two options to cross verify the Server,email user ID,Password,Protocol,port# etc..). deails

1. Was able to connect to the mail server(mail server and pop server too) via telnet from the machine where PeopleSoft instance is hosted.

2. Was able to configure a mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird) with the same parameters for Server,user id,password and port#).

All the IB Pub/Sub services, MCF Services are up and running. Is there any other specific services to check for? Is there any other configuration at App Server level to check for?

Any suggestions/directions will be of great help.

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Re: Read Blackberry responses in PeopleSoft using ...

Did you also get the GETMAILTARGET connector properties under the LOCAL Integration Gateway ID?

Peopletools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways -> Integration Gateway ID -> 'LOCAL'

After selecting the LOCAL Integration Gateway ID, click on Properties link for GETMAILTARGET and set the below properties like you did for MCF_GETMAIL.

1. MCF_Password: The password to access the account on mail-server.
2. MCF_Server: The mail Server name
3. MCF_USER: The user account to access the server.

After adding values for GETMAILTARGET’s properties, the same values have to be added on a node, which is MCF_GETMAIL (which sounds like you did that already)

Good Luck!

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Praveen Shabadi (not verified)
Re: Read Blackberry responses in PeopleSoft using ...

Hi Lepa,

Thanks a lot for the guidance. I tried giving the values even on GETMAILTARGET connector properties on the LOCAL Gateway ID,unfortunately even this did not work.

Any other suggestion will help a lot.


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