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Query Output to the folder

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Dear All,
I require all the query output to run in the night and get the output to a destination folder.But to the destination folder we dont have the access.

The process is getting to success and I am able to see the message "Successfully posted generated files to the report repository" in the Message Log .I have specfied the path ex : \\w87955\Documents\Queryoutput but I am not able to see the output to particular folder.

wht might be the reason & wht all access & changes do i need to do to get the output in that particular folder?

thanks in advance Please Advice


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Re: Query Output to the folder

Click the Distribution link to access the Distribution Detail page, where you enter additional distribution information when the output type is Web, Window, or Email. Also use this page to select a folder name to which the output should be distributed when the output type is Web or Window.

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