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Query Manager Performance Issue

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This is a question I got from one of my friends. I don't have any clue on this. Can anyone please answer the question.
Hey Ashar,

I had a question, not sure why this happens

->PeopleSoft finance was upgraded from 8.46 to 8.49. Ever since the upgrade went through, Web Query access for users has become really slow.
->It's not query performance but clicking on a navigation link like Reporting Tools > Query Viewer takes ages to load. Same with Query Manager and navigating within Query Manager.
->Tried logging in using BATCH, and the delay happened a couple of times but generally it was fast.
->Have you come across anything similar to this before? Any thoughts?



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Re: Query Manager Performance Issue

Not sure this is related to your issue but thought I'd throw it out there in case.

Was this - or did this include a tools upgrade? Here is something I came across somewhere before and I made a note for when we upgrade.

We upgraded to Tools 8.49 (campus solutions 8.9) and oracle from 9.2 to 10.2. After the upgrade, experienced serious issues in the performance of some of the app engine programs, eg exam grid. Further to the analysis, it was found that some of the underlying record definition indexes has been changed by Peoplesoft. PS_ACAD_PROG index creation statement as follows CREATE UNIQUE INDEX PS_ACAD_PROG ON PS_ACAD_PROG (EMPLID,ACAD_CAREER,"STDNT_CAR_NBR" DESC, "EFFDT? DESC, "EFFSEQ" DESC).... Oracle see this as function-based indexes. We are not sure whether to fix this performance issue just for this program sql or overall fix.
Anyone had been through this issue before? Please advise me.
I'm working on an upgrade to release 9 MP 6 on Tools 8.49 for FSCM on an Oracle 10g database, and just starting running into this...
So I thought it would be worth it to others out there to hear about what we found.

Additional Reply
In our case w/ Oracle, and they are telling us that they are hearing from customers that they are experiencing performance issues on records/tables that has fields that are DESCENDING.Apparently, for earlier versions of Tools, the DESCending was ignore in Oracle and the index would really be built with ASCending.

Additional Reply
In Oracle 10g, the DESC is causing "virtual" columns to be created, so you see field-names like 'SYS_NC00023$'. In some objects this does result in performance problems.
We are resolving some by adding additional index per process that is having a problem.