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Problem in Peoplecode function Exec in Linux machine

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I hav created a shell file which ftp a pdf from a linux machine to windows. Its working when am executing it mannually from command prompt. In case when running through appengine program and using function Exec it is not executing however the AppEngine program gets success and posted. The code is given below.
&ExitCode = Exec("/ps/psoft/", %Exec_Asynchronous + %FilePath_Absolute);
&ExitCode returns -1 and 127 respectively when used %Exec_Asynchronous and %Exec_Synchronous

FYI.... the PeopleSoft runs on a single machine (App, Prcs and DB servers are in a single machine) with linux enviroment.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem in Peoplecode function Exec in Linux machine

You need &PS_HOME path before /ps/psoft/ since you are using %FilePath_Absolute

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