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Problem in COmponent interface

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Hi All,

I need your assistance regarding a problem in Component Interface.

There are two table one parent one child.

Child table has 5 fields (all keys),

When we update deptid of child table through Excel to CI, its inserting one row in Parent table and two rows in child table with same effective date. It carry forward previous deptid(child table) and inserts new deptid with same effective date. Also it keeps effective sequence as zero for both rows. Since there are two dptid with same effective date, its creating problem on dependent batch program.

Please advise. Thanks

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Re: Problem in COmponent interface

I think you must consider structure of your table
for example you have 2 relation table:
first table A
SETID, key
DEPT_ID, key
EFFDT, key
second table B
SETID, key
DEPT_ID, key
EFFDT, key

now you can see parent child structure of example relation between table A and B, so if you want to modify/add using CI, you must arrange leveling your rowset into component. may be you must check rowset level in your component.

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Re: Problem in COmponent interface

Thanks for the reply, i shall check as you advised.

Just want to give more information. The transaction is working fine if we do it online(PIA) i.e without CI.

The problem only comes when we use CI, i checked the trace and found there were two insert statement for the child table.

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Re: Problem in COmponent interface

Do you have set default value eff_seq=0?if you set it, you must increment eff_seq by componet peoplecode, so I think it will be work,
Example your problem:
1000,01-01-1990,0,department of transportation
1000,01-01-1990,1,department of transportation and migration

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Imran (not verified)
Re: Problem in COmponent interface

No we have not set effseq =0.

I checked the structure if the tables. We have followed the rule of Key+non key values in the child table.

Parent table
(emplid, emplrcd, effdt, effseq...........)

Child table
(emplid, emplrcd, effdt,effseq, deptid)

so if we do load today say 6/3/2012

parent table status

emplid, emplrcd, effdt, ......
123, 0, 6/3/2012, .....

Child table status, (suppose old deptid was 7081 as on 1/1/2012and new depti we are updating is 9999)
emplid, emplrcd, effdt,effseq, deptid

The transaction works fine if do it online, so i believe the problem lies in Component interface.

Please advise.