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PeopleSoft - Setup Manager

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Hi All,

As all of you may be aware of the 'Setup Manager' ie, delivered within peopleSoft.In navigation PeopleTools > Setup Manager.

As you may know ,The Setup Manager feature enables you to generate a step-by-step list of tasks that are necessary for you to successfully set up your PeopleSoft system.

So here in Setup Manager when we access the link "Manage Implementation Projects",we can Create the setup tasks for a specific module and the setup tasks will be created by running an application engine program.

After the setup tasks are generated we can generate the data mover scripts for the components that are in the generated list of setup tasks.These datamover scripts can be used to export and import data from one instance to another instance. But we will not be able to generate datamover script for all of the components.This is because some of the components doesnot support datamover scripts.(this is mentioned in the page where we are generating the datamover script and also in peoplebooks)

My question is that apart from using these datamover script for exporting and importing the data from one instance to another what is the alternative method for doing the same.From my knowledge I could say that the only methods avalable are either , Excel to CI utility or using Component Interfaces,File Layouts and App Engines.But this method is not so easy to achieve because this takes more man time.Could you please suggest me any other method through which we can achieve this.

You can refer to "PeopleSoft Setup Manager" peoplebooks for the details.

Please Help.