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Peoplesoft Data Archiving

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My client is asking for Archiving of old data. Did anyone used Peoplesoft Data Archive Manager? It is good or not? Which is the best way to Archive and how to use? I am very new to Archiving. Any inputs regarding the same will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

Kris, YES PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager is an excellent way to get your archiving done with minimum amount of development. PeopleBooks actually has decent explanations of the whole process and I highly recommend you put the time into reading and understanding it.

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Sean Carroll (not verified)
Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

If you are running on Oracle you may also look at the 10g tablespace partitioning feature... this can give you the ability to handle large amounts of data without having to remove data from the table. If configured correctly (by the DBA) it is the best of both worlds.

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Vimal (not verified)
Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

Client has acquired a firm which is on Peoplesoft 8.0 and the Client is on PeopleSoft 8.8; Client is looking to bring the 8.0 data into 8.8 system and archive the 8.0 system. Please let me know if Peoplesoft data archive manager will work in this scenario.

Note that client doesnt want to do data migration of 8.0; the need is only to retain/archive 8.0 data in 8.8 and sunset 8.0 system. Please suggest ideas.


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Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

What are the disadvantages of people soft data archive manager?

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Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

This sounds more like a data conversion rather than data archiving

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Re: Peoplesoft Data Archiving

Oops. I didn't realize this post was almost two yeas old.