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PeopleSoft Ci

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"A component can make use of many CI's but a single CI maynot be used for multiple components"


plz explain......................

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Kritdeo Bais (not verified)
Re: PeopleSoft Ci

Yes it is true that you can create many CIs from one component but one CI is to use the business logic of one component only.

Consider a component as the collection of business logics written using peoplecode to achieve a particular goal. A CI is created to use this business logic of component by standard delivered methods. So for our different requiremnts (related with access permissions, peoplecode logic, properties and methods etc) we can create more than one CIs for the same component and can use accordingly.

And at the same time one CI represents only one component at a time as this is an interface to component using delivered and custom methods and properties as per requirement.