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Hi all,

There is a field Trasaction_id on a page.
When page is build the transaction id should default to 'NEW' and once i click on a run button for the next subsequent build, new transaction id in sequence should replace 'NEW'. like trn001 , trn002 & so on ..

Can anybody help on this ?

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Re: Peoplesoft

You may need to maintain the last transaction id used in some record. In SearchInit of the Component Record, write a PeopleCode to set the field value as "NEW". On fieldChange PeopleCode of the Run button, get the next transaction id using the GetNextNumberWithGapsCommit/GetNextNumberWithGaps/GetNextNumber (depending on the PT version) and assign it to the Transaction ID field (ofcourse you may need to concatenate with the string "TRN"). I believe there are some articles in this site on auto generating the numeric values.

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Re: Peoplesoft

Thanks Ashar

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Re: Peoplesoft

We always call DoSave() on Run Button before running any process.
So the SavePreChange is the place where we assign and set the Value for the Transaction ID.