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Peoplecode Viewattchment() issue

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Hi all,

I have below requirement.

One PDF file is Copied under appserver and this file needs to be open when the User cliks on the Hyp[er link on the page .for this i have Placed pushbutton on the page and wriiten the below code in field cahnge event


Thanks for your answers, but i'm not being able to make it work :(
&RETCODE = ViewAttachment(&Filepath, &FileName, &Filename);
I get:
&RETCODE = 7 (Cannot locate destination system for ftp)
In peoplebooks it has given that viewattachment(URL,SYSFILENAME,USERFILENAME)
my file is copied in appserver to give path for the URL?
Iam able to access the above given path browser but if i give the same path in viewattachment function ,it is not going there and getting return code 7

Please help me on this is an urgent requirment

Thanks in advance

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Re: Peoplecode Viewattchment() issue

First of all you need to create a URL. URL can be created at

In URL path give path of pdf form on app server.