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Peoplecode for a Dynamic Grid

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Anybody plz help me to create a Grid where Column's are Dynamic.
If a record having 20 rows for a specific field then 20 fields I want as column in a Grid.

Harish Mahanta

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Re: Peoplecode for a Dynamic Grid

Harish, I don't think that is possible. You can hide/unhide columns on the grid using PeopleCode, BUT I don't think you can just change Grid records and display their fields dynamically.

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Re: Peoplecode for a Dynamic Grid

If that is only for display purpose, then you may try adding an HTML area and populate the HTML area as u wanted the data to be displayed.


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priya m (not verified)
Re: Peoplecode for a Dynamic Grid

I need to know about the possible ways for unhiding the grid....

Thanks in advance!