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PeopleCode calling java: no class def for dependent jars

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I created a very simple java class with a method that takes one parameter, a unique id. It then finds the object in Documentum matching that ID, gets the content file from Documentum and stores it locally. The method returns the full path to the local content file. My class depends on a half dozen Documentum DFC jar files. We put my jar file and the dependent ones into %PS_HOME%/appserv/classes/ . When my class/method is called from PeopleCode, it finds it ok, but we get a class not found error for the first Documentum class it’s looking for… It can find my class when calling from PeopleCode, but when my class then tries to call one of the dependent Documentum classes, it can’t find them.

I tried putting all the dependent classes into a single jar file along with the main class. But there are two security related jars that won’t let me pull out the classes. This get’s me farther, but then it fails to find the security classes. Fundamentally, it doesn’t seem to know about the dependent classes.

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Re: PeopleCode calling java: no class def for dependent jars

Are you sure you included all the jar files>
Can you run your java class with just those jar files from outside peoplesoft environemtn.
Make sure you do not have anything else in the class path other than the jar files.

If you do not have mant jar files, consider listing the classes in the jar files.