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peoplecode action in ae program

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My requirement is to calculate other fields based on 1 field in peoplecode action in ae program.if i run the program i'm unable to get calculated values.
Below is my code in peoplecode action.

Local number &SAL, &HR, &TA, &TOT;

If &SAL > 10000 Then
&HR = 1000 * 0.3;
&TA = 1000 * 0.5;
&TOT = &HR + &TA+&SAL;
&HR = 100;
&TA = 200;
&TOT = 300;

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Re: peoplecode action in ae program

your code looks fine. What are you doing with the values after this action? Are you saving them into a table? writing them to a file? How do you know you are not getting any values?

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Re: peoplecode action in ae program


Unless and untill you update the respective coloumns, values wont be get inserted like it used to insert when we use simple peoplecode.