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opening file problem

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Begin-Procedure Open-File !naga
#debug show 'Entering Open-File'
!file name and where it is located.
Let $filepath1=  '{INPUT_DIR}' || '/CPA_1184_ORGANIZATIONS_ALL_' || &GFS_Company || '.csv'
SHOW 'File---> '$filepath1
!check if the filel exists before trying to open it
Let #estatus = exists($filepath1)
If #estatus = 0
Show 'Log File ' $filepath1' exists. Will be opened for reading.'
!opening file for reading
Open $filepath1 As 1 For-

Reading Record=3000
!couldn't open file if #FileStat is not zero
If #FileStat != 0
let $file_open=" "
let $prcs_message_parm1=" "
Move '
N' To $file_open
Show '
Error Opening Input File' $filepath1
Show '
Program Terminating.'
Let $errmsg = '
Error Opening Input File' || $filepath1
Move $errmsg to $prcs_message_parm1
Let #Prcs_Run_Status = #prcs_run_status_unsuccessful
Move '
Y' To $file_open
Show '
File ' $filepath1 ' opened successfully.'
#debug show '
Leaving Open-File'
End-Procedure Open-File !naga

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Re: opening file problem

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