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Opening a component on log on

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I have a requirement to open different components based on the operator logging in.
There are 3 sets of users and each need to be taken to 3 different components. The users do not want the home page to be displayed.

I would think this needs to be done through Peoplecode.

What will the peoplecode be? and where should the peoplecode be placed ?

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Re: Opening a component on log on

Could you please be more specific? Do you mean to ask that a same content reference needs to hold 3 different components ? Each one for that specific user?
How are you differentiating between those 3 users? They have separate permission lists? In that case you can create three components and register with same content reference label and give the appropriate permission list to each component.
I apologize if i understood your question wrongly.

All the best

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Re: Opening a component on log on

3 separate components ( say customer home, vendor home and guest home ) for those 3 types of users. ( when any of the category of user logs in, I can determine that based on permission list )

As soon as the user is logged in, I need to open up the relevant component.

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Re: Opening a component on log on

Ok. I would think you have to do it in the following manner.

Create three components and register each of them with the appropriate permission list.
By this way , every user who has the appropriate permission list will view their corresponding component. People correct me , if there is any effective way to do.


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Re: Opening a component on log on

To navigate directly to a specific component you need to give the full URL in the with the Menu , Market and the Panel GroupName. A user will then login and will be automatically redirected to the component specified in the URL.