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Open PDF file in new window from PIA page, field change event-not working

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My problem is: I am running one SQR program which generates PDF files on a configurable file path, That is in server (windows) Ddrive : "D:\PSOFT\PT847\HR89\DEV\webserv\HR89DEV\PDFfile". all files are generating in "PDFfile" folder.
I have ESS page to display this PDFs. when User logon his ESS page, there is grid to display a column of multiple

hyperlinks. if user click on hyperlink it has to find the PDF and should open in a newwindow.
ViewContentURL OR ViewAttachment OR viewUrl are not working. suggest me the best solution

Local array of string &FNames;

/*Path will come from database table.*/

&PDFpath = "D:\PSOFT\PT847\HR89\DEV\webserv\HR89DEV\PDFfile";

&FNames = FindFiles(&PDFpath | "*.pdf", %FilePath_Absolute);

&Userfile = "2014-01-31_4200114.pdf";

&i = 1;

While &FNames.Len > 0

&filename = &FNames.Shift();
MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "***found***" | &filename);
&rtcode = ViewAttachment(&PDFpath, &filename, &Userfile);
MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "***after found***" | &rtcode);

rem ViewContentURL(&PDFpath | '\' | &Userfile);

&i = &i + 1;

If &i = 5 Then




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Re: Open PDF file in new window from PIA page, field change ...

I have used the below code and it works. Open in a new tab just fine. The view attachment i'm using is a function and has an underscore view_attachment. The one in your code does not.

Declare Function view_attachment PeopleCode FILE_ATTACH_WRK.ATTACHVIEW FieldChange;