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ok and cancel buttons in winmessage

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Hi all,

I have one requirement in employeeselfservice>benefits>canadian benefits page
when user navigate to this page it is taking more than one minute to to load the benefits data .until the page is loaded a blank screen is displaying .so customer is unable to understanding wheather the page is loading or not. and also search page is disabled.

for this we put the winmessage function in search init below
winmessage("page is processing press ok to continue") but the message is displaying with two command buttons ok and cancel.
but my requirement is to get only OK button for this i used messagestyle as shown below code
winmessage("press ok to continue",0), now we are getting message with ok button but it is displaying atfter the page was loaded.during that time still the blank screen is displaying

we don't understand why winmessage is dispalying when we give the msgstyle parameter 0 after the page is loading , when we use msgstyle 1, it is showing correctly,(both ok and cancel buttons), but why not for only OK button.
we also tried with msgget,msgtext,msgbox all these are displaying after the benefits page loaded.

is there any possibility to display only OK button before the page load
please do need full

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Re: ok and cancel buttons in winmessage

Is it a similar post Here ?

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Re: ok and cancel buttons in winmessage

yes..but cusomer is not accepting the solution we gave as we mentioned in the last post..
we are looking for some other solution for above posted question.

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Re: ok and cancel buttons in winmessage

inform your DBA for this and he/she need to do the needful to increase the performance.

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Re: ok and cancel buttons in winmessage

After reading your previous post(suggested solutions) and current post What I understood was "the Page load is taking time" that is original problem you are facing and also you are trying to engage the user by showing Page load processing message during that time. Am I correct?

If am not wrong we should try to correct the logic which loads the data into the page. We need to check from where the data is getting loaded? what kind of logics used to do that?

If you are using a complex view as a data source then it will take time to load the data.We have to get an easy way to load the data into page. Thats the opt/wise solution.