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OHS is rendering XML instead of the view or data

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We are seeing Peoplesoft POST return xml to the user's browsers instead of the actually view or data. What could be causing this.

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Re: OHS is rendering XML instead of the view or data


using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; // Guid for the interface IMyInterface. [Guid("F9168C5E-CEB2-4faa-B6BF-329BF39FA1E4")] interface IMyInterface { void MyMethod(); } // Guid for the coclass MyTestClass. [Guid("936DA01F-9ABD-4d9d-80C7-02AF85C822A8")] public class MyTestClass : IMyInterface { public void MyMethod() {} public static void Main( string []args ) { GuidAttribute IMyInterfaceAttribute = (GuidAttribute) Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(typeof(IMyInterface), typeof(GuidAttribute)); System.Console.WriteLine("IMyInterface Attribute: " + IMyInterfaceAttribute.Value ); // Use the string to create a guid. Guid myGuid1 = new Guid(IMyInterfaceAttribute.Value ); // Use a byte array to create a guid. Guid myGuid2 = new Guid(myGuid1.ToByteArray()); if (myGuid1.Equals(myGuid2)) System.Console.WriteLine("myGuid1 equals myGuid2"); else System.Console.WriteLine("myGuid1 does not equal myGuid2" ); // Equality operator can also be used to determine if two guids have same value. if ( myGuid1 == myGuid2 ) System.Console.WriteLine( "myGuid1 == myGuid2" ); else System.Console.WriteLine( "myGuid1 != myGuid2" ); } } // The example displays the following output: // IMyInterface Attribute: F9168C5E-CEB2-4faa-B6BF-329BF39FA1E4 // myGuid1 equals myGuid2 // myGuid1 ==

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