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Object by value help

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Hello i have a custom object I created and it i am trying to clone it with an identical object but it seems the object is by reference.

Here is just a sample of what I am doing to give you an idea possibly what I am looking for.

My object has one property that I can read and write to. (get set) named ID. It also has a constructor.

local myobject:myobject &oID = create myobject:myobject();

local myobject:myobject &oID2 = create myobject:myobject();


If i now check &oID.ID and &oID2.ID they are both set to "NOTCool". I assumed create would have created a new instance of my object but it is looking as though that is incorrect.

Any suggestions on how i might be able to make this work?


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Re: Object by value help

May I know why you assigned:


I think the above statement causing both the objects point to same memory location.
correct me if i am wrong.

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Re: Object by value help

may be this could work