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NEW Control table with SETID

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In one of the materials, P/S mentions that you need peoplecode to be able to use tableset sharing if the transaction table has a field of business unit but is not key field on the transaction table However, its silent as to what that peoplecode might be.
Can you share what is the additional peopleocode required.

Here are the steps per my understanding:

1. Create a control table with setid as the first key. Set the set control field to "BUSINESS_UNIT".
2. Add this record to a record group ( or create your custom record group and add it to the custom record group ) and assign the relevant set it for the business units that you will be using.
3. The transaction table should have business unit as required field.
4. there should be a field which uses the control record as a prompt occurring after the business unit.

Now, when the prompt button is clicked, p/s will restrict the result returned only to the subset of the rows in the prompt record based on the setid determined.

Is there anything else required when you business unit is not a key on the transaction table. ( Its just a required field ) ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: NEW Control table with SETID

Not Clear on the question?
What needs to be done?
any scenario?


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Re: NEW Control table with SETID

I kind of know what HH is asking but couldn't really find the an answer yet. What he/she is trying to say that transaction tables are usually keyed by business unit BUT if they are not then PeopleSoft has this to say: "You can add Buniess unit to a record without making it a key or search key. Doing this, however, requires a significant amount of PeopleCode to be added to the record."

The question is, what PeopleCode is PeopleSoft talking about? What is its purpose?

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Re: NEW Control table with SETID

If you can give me a scneraio tht would help me finding accurate thing.
But let me tell you an example.
CF are always dereived by GL BU not the BU i.e. Your IN BU is different and GL BU is different.
On the page the GL BU should be placed either from the main record or as derived work record field.
So when you click on CF prompt it'll take GL BU value and filter the value.
Now significant amount of PeopleCode will be the population of GL BU value.


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Dhananjay (not verified)
Creating New SetID and associateing ti an existing BU

Hello friends,
I'M a new bee to PeopleSoft HRMS, and needed help on a task I'M assigned as depicted below:

1) Create a New Set ID, then

2) Unmap an existing SetID from a existing Business Unit and , then

3) Map the New SetID created to the Business Unit.

Any tips or guidance will be appreciated.
We are using PeopleSoft 8.49.16.

Kind regards