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need help on win message function in peoplecode

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Hi All,

i have one requirement ,that i want to display a "mesgae page is loading" using win message function..
when i write winmesage function ok or cancel buttons are displaying with the message that i want to display.
my client doesn't want these buttons to be displayed.just need the message that "page is processing.

is it possible with winmessge function?


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Re: need help on win message function in peoplecode

just need the message that "page is processing."

Are you waiting for a process to finish before sending the user to a specific place? Can you give us more details on what are you waiting for? If it is a process you are waiting for then I would suggest to use a messagebox along with Function WaitForEndProcess located in PeopleCode FUNCLIB_PM.SCHEDULE_PROCESS FieldFormula. Peoplesoft uses this on the purchase order dispatch page and it works great.

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Re: need help on win message function in peoplecode

My requirment , I have a benefits page in the employee self service. but it is taking more than 50 secs to display to the user, untill that time it is showing white screen (blank screen). USER is confused whehter it is working or not, is there any way to show it is processing ( processing should blink in place of that white screen) for this any option is there.