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Need Code Or Logic in Order to Zip Attachments to store in FTP Server

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To prototype a function to compress the file attachments when users upload invoices via the ePayment Requisition page which is a custom page. It is expected that this will save approximately 25% of file space on the server.

The compression function should be transparent to the user, so it is expected that the user should not need to perform any additional steps in compressing or decompressing the file.
The upload function, including compression, should work as follows:
When uploading a file:
• Click “Attach File”
• Browse for file to attach, click “Upload”
• File should then be compressed and stored
When viewing a file that was previously uploaded:
• Click the hyperlink to the file
• A new browser window should open displaying the contents of the file.

(The decompression function should be transparent to the user.)
As this is a prototyping exercise at this stage, the objective is to determine what is possible / feasible.
Can anyone of you please provide the logical code for this?