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Mark worked in Worklist page

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Hi All,

I'm facing an issue in the worklist page
Current Enivorment is PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8
Description of the problem

After submitting a Adhoc Salary Change request, the workflow is routed correctly to the approver via. AWE.

Email notifications are getting triggered properly but a weird thing is happening when it comes to the worklist part.

On clicking markworked it is deleting worklists from his worklist only . My requirement is to delete worklist from all other Users.

if an administrator is clicking on 'Mark Worked' for the corresponding worklist item so it should disappear from all the worklists.

On clicking markworked PSWORKLIST table shows a row containing the details of the request with the INSTSTATUS value as '2', but nothing is getting displayed for the particular request in the worklist page & deleting from his worklist only.

For other requests like Full Time \Partime ,Terminate employee the worklist is able to delete from other users even.

Can i have the code for deleting the worklist from all other worklist and where to write the code.


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Re: Mark worked in Worklist page

Hi Sree,
On click of mark worklist, doesn't get deleted. INSTSTATUS field value is changed .

To achieve your requirement , try using pooled list feature of worklist

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sree (not verified)
Re: Mark worked in Worklist page

Hi Rahul,

First of all ,Thanks for you promt suggestion.

I have already tried all the options like Pooled list and User specified but still it is not able to delete from other HR admins worklist.

can you please sugest something more regarding this please.


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Guest (not verified)
Re: Mark worked in Worklist page

Hi Sree,

What rahul suggested is right. But after selecting the pooled checklist option the worklists which are markworked previously wont be wont be deleted. We have to update the PSWORKLIST table with INSTATUS=2 then only the previous worklists will be deleted. The worklists which are markworked after selecting the pooled checklist will be disappeared from all the users who are having the same role.

Hope my answer clarifies your concern.


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Guest_rb (not verified)
Re: Mark worked in Worklist page

Hello Kishore / Sree,

Would you be able to provide steps involved in enabling the Adhoc Salary change workflow, I really appreciate your help.

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Re: How enable Mark worked button in Worklist page

Dear All,

I am trying enable Mark Worked button in Work list page for that I selected Saved radio button in Activity Attributes but still it is disabled only.

Does anyone know how we could make them active?

Ibrahim Mohammad.

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Re: Mark worked in Worklist page

Hi Sree,

I am facing the same issue, do you any solution. please respond back quickly.