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Issue using Dynamic Views..

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I created a dynamic view as a prompt table (no edit) on a record. I am using the below rowinit peoplecode below to populate the dynamic view but I am continually seeing no values found when I click on the field prompt I am trying to populate. Can someone see anything I missed?

Thanks in advance for your assistance..
- Maria

RowInit Peoplecode:

Local string &SQLSTRING;
Local SQL &sqltext;

Function set_institution_prompt();

** This code didn't work so I commented it out and am using the code above now**
rem GetRecord().GetField(Field.UM_ADM_GRAD_PRV1).SqlText = &SQLSTRING;



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Re: Issue using Dynamic Views..

I hope you are writing this peoplecode on UM_ADM_GRAD_PRV.UM_ADM_GRAD_PRV1.rowinit.
The field for which you mentioned dynamic view as prompt table, is a key field or what ?.
Just observe the key relationship between Main Record fields and prompt table fields.

Please go through the link '' for better understanding Dynamic View concept.

And see below my finding on Dynamic View and if you had solved let us know the solution.

Prompt tables are enabled to dynamically filter the rows at runtime. Your prompt table must have composite keys. The higher-level key(s) would build criteria matching on your prompt table. The last Key in the record field order is the field that is being returned to the panel field.
Let's say you have a field FIELD1 with a prompt to VIEW1. VIEW1 contains the keys VFIELD1, AND VFIELD2 (in this order). VFIELD2 is the value returned to FIELD1 when you select a row in the prompt table. VFIELD1 is matched to the same-named field that exists on your panel.
By matching, I mean a dynamically created WHERE condition VIEW1.VFIELD1 = value of VFIELD1 in panel. At runtime, PeopleSoft performs SELECT fieldlist FROM VIEW1 WHERE VIEW1.VFIELD1 = value of VFIELD1 in panel.
VFIELD1 in the panel could be a field of a Derived/Work record then you could set it's value in PeopleCode. It should be on the same level or on a level higher than FIELD1's level.