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Integration Broker : Operating Instance/Pub Contracts/Sub Contracts

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I am trying to understand how and when a message flows in to operating instance/pub&sub contracts.

Below given steps are based on my understanding. Please correct me if am wrong.
Let say a message published from an application.

Step 1) Message should be in operating instance - PSAPMSGPUBHDR should have a row
2) Once it’s done in operating instance, message either will go to pubcon or subcon- PSAPMSGPUBCON or PSAPMSGSUBCON record should have a row at this time.

I am unable to understand what is the done status denotes in operating instance?

Exactly when (while the msg in operating instance or Pub/Sub contracts) our handlers will execute?

How data is flowing across the records PSAPMSGHDR, PSAPMSGPUBCON and PSAPMSGSUBCON?