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Instr function in SQR

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Can anybody tell me what does INSTR function does in SQR?

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Re: Instr function in SQR

Hi friend,
this function returns the numeric position of the specified sub-string within a string.the search begins at the specified position(starting from 1)within the string.

First Argument:a date/string literal,column,variable/expression
second argument:a date/string literal,column,variable/expression
specifying the searched sub-string.

third argument: an integer,column,variable/expression specifying the
starting position.

returns : A float numeric...

U can give me ur mail id.i've one sqr pdf.
everything abt sqr u'll get into that pdf...okkk..
send me
example :
Let #Pos=instr($Full_Name,'Ramesh',1)

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Re: Instr function in SQR

Can u mail me the sqr related document.
Thanks in advance
Mail id :