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Inserting records

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I am new to Peoplesoft development. I have created an app package with properties that mimic that of a record. I create this object and load it into an array. (have some further processing to do later on once the array is filled) To fill the effected table I have a dynamic SQL statement built and executed via SQLExec().

I have also noticed that a person could create a record object, fill it and do a .insert to populate a record that way as well. Any speed or additional benefits I am not aware of here in doing the insert via the record object method?
Hope that makes sense.

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Re: Inserting records

When you are using the SQLExec
1. you need to take care of the key structures.
2. Commit statement you need to exe. Let say 2 rows inserted and commited and 3 rd one got error. How about reverting the inserted rows.

When you are using peoplesoft function that will inturn take care of all those stated above.