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How to Pass XML String in SOAPDoc Parm

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I am consuming a web service from a third party. One of the parameters in the SOAP Doc is an XML formatted as a string.

Let's say I have an XMLDoc with the following data:

Local string &strXML = "<?xml version=""1.0""?> John Doe 123456 ";

Local SoapDoc &SOAPDoc;
&SOAPDoc.AddParm("strUsersInXML", &strXML);

&SOAPXMLDoc = CreateXMLDoc();
&SOAPXMLDoc = &SOAPDoc.XmlDoc;

&request = CreateMessage(Operation.NEWUSER);

In the &request, the tags in my XML string are changed to < and > So when I call the service, it is unable to interpret the strUsersInXML parameter.

How do I code this so that the tags in my XML string are kept as they are?