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Hidden Pages

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I have read Peoplebooks to understand that hidden pages on components are also used as work areas. Some hidden pages are also saved too. For e.g hidden pages to populate security tables in HCM...

Does this mean that when so used, the data manipulation that one performs and not saved to the database ?

If so, what are there specific properties set on the page/scroll to ensure that the records on the hidden page do not get saved ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Hidden Pages

Not sure i fully understand your question but if a page is hidden on a component that doesn't mean it is a work area page. You would normally use a work page when you have lots of calculations to do for a certain component. On place this is heavily used is on the JOURNAL_ENTRY_IE component.

I personally never had to create a work page, at least not yet. May be someone else can share their thoughts with us.

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Re: Hidden Pages

I have a question on the JOURNAL_ENTRY_IE component. Is it possible to create a new page within that component, that has a hyperlink, which on click, redirects tot he JOURNAL_ENTRY2_IE page? I have been trying to do this, trying to keep only the new page visible, and the rest as hidden, but it always throws up an error of unique constraint. can u help??

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Re: Hidden Pages

when page have only work record fields on it (work page) the component will not save to databse.