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Help with Security Script

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I could really use someone's expertise knowledge, regarding security in PeopleSoft.
We upgraded to Version 8.9 two years ago, and the company was in such a hurry to get it completed, we never had an opportunity to redesign some of our roles and permission lists. I really do not wanna have to make all the changes manually. There are just way too many. I've already extracted all the information I need, to make the required Changes. My question is, Does anyone have a template/SQL script? How to go about make the changes so it's not a manual process. Any Help would be Sincerely Appreciated..... Regards, MMADMIN

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Re: Help with Security Script

Whether you are looking to create new permission lists/role or consolidating all the permission lists/roles.

Before doing any consolidation you need to analyze and come up with final list of Permission list and role needs to be created/updated, then you can update the corresponding tables.